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I could tell you like my tits by the size of that wad in your jeans. You just sit back and relax and stroke that flagpole you're holding. Maybe it will give you some inspiration." My mom's younger daughter sat three feet away from me and watched hungrily as I stroked my big chunk of meat. When I finally opened my eyes, my aunt was still quivering. She led me into her kitchen, still dressed only in high heels, stockings and a garter belt.

You better take care of that pretty soon or it will explode. If you would be a dear and clean the pool for me, that would be great. Don't need these panties any more, either, but I'll keep the stockings and garter belt if it's ok with you. I watched just as hungrily as she spread her legs to either side of the pool chair and began to tease the juice from her pink pearl. Her hand was trapped between her thighs, that were convulsively clenching it. Her hand was wrapped firmly around my prick, as if I might get lost without her guidance.

Not that I remember details, but I strongly suspect that my jaw was dragging the floor at this point. Take a good look as I turn around, then unzip me and take off my bra. Bras have always been a challenge for me, but usually because the one I'm trying to unhook is behind the girl, in the dark, and I've never seen it before and am terrified that she will change her mind if I don't flick the sucker off right away.

This one was in bright daylight, right in front of my eyes. Now watch when I bend over to see if too much tit shows.

For the past few years, she has been living in Paris, so we hadn't seen each other since I grew up.

She had just moved back to town and I had been volunteered to help her around the house while she was getting settled.

I always forget how uptight people are around here and if I'm going to live here a while, I have to act like I'm not too different from them. " "I think that guy is pretty lucky." "Oh, you're so sweet to try to cheer me up, but what about the bra. " Since I wasn't the lucky guy she was dressing for, it only hurt a little for me to tell her the truth.

It's about to get lots better." She straddled my lap and slid all the way down the length of my unbelievably erect prick. We sat like this until she stopped shivering, which took quite a while.

Visions of my Aunt Mame riding me kept flipping through my fevered imagination. " My eyes flew open and there stood Aunt Mame, looking down at me, with her hand caught between her thighs. You said I should take care of it, but it just won't stay down." I was still idly stroking a half hard, wondering if I had to stop or what, but the sight of my aunt's hand rubbing her crotch gave me some hope. When we got to the motel, all he could get up was his dander. My aunt had her head thrown back, eyes closed, as she luxuriated in the sensations.

I was right on the verge of blowing a load all the way across the pool when I heard a soft voice. This time it wasn't necessary to tell me to clean up after myself.

I've been looking forward to a good swim, but haven't wanted to use the pool until it has been cleaned. A few gobs of my cum had landed on her belly and she was rubbing them into her navel with her other hand. "You sit right down and I'll get it", she commanded. I sat down and watched her firm ass as she bent over and rummaged in the low level freezer for the ice cream.

I think everything's in the pool house." I was still hung up on her talking about me taking care of my erection, but caught the drift of what she was saying and mumbled something. Have a nice time." I waved at her saucy ass as she pranced out the door to the garage. Sorry, Jefferey, I had my heart set on a good fuck this afternoon and the sonofabitch couldn't get it up. Her swaying tits brushed against the freezer door, causing her nipples to extend even further. We lost it long ago." She giggled like one of my school friends.

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