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'Thanks,' she said and was grinding my cock in return.After a while in the rhythm, I put my hands behind her, opened the hooks and slid her bra off in few swift motions and she was left topless and I had proper access to her tits for the first time that night. As we were living on our own in our apartment, I asked her to try to be a bit free.We went shopping and brought a few shorts, skirts, trousers and Tee tops for her, so she could wear them at home.

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'You look beautiful like that,' I told her as I fucking her.I, once living a very westernized lifestyle in Australia, took a very liberal outlook on life.I liked women that dressed well, knew how to show skin and was confident in it.After that night we had sex regularly almost every night, sometimes during the day on holidays.It was after three days that I had sex with her with the light brightly on and I took her top off leaving her bra on as she was naked underneath.

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