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If getting turned on is an issue for you on the regular — and lord knows trying to have sex when you can't get wet is certainly an — the Fiera could be a game-changer for your sex life.But if your sex drive is on par with your partner's, it might not be the best use of 0 since it's not super useful on its own (although I guess you could finish with another vibrator or, as their site kind of weirdly suggests, put it on for a few minutes in the morning to feel good all day?That's why me and my nether regions were thrilled to receive an email from my editor asking if I wanted to try the latest trend in the female sex toy market: suction oral sex simulators for women.It's a pretty new thing and there are only two currently available – the Fiera Arouser for Her and the Womanizer (Yes, the names are pretty terrible, but do you hear men complaining about the fucking?Now if only someone could invent a tongue attachment to go with these things I'd fucking marry it.

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During his trips, officers have let him ride on a horse, handle the canines and was even initiated into a 'special project group' by Batman and Robin.But alas, looks can be deceiving so I was willing to give it a fair chance before donating it to some sassy biker chick.As explained briefly in the video above, it sort-of simulates oral sex by attaching to your clitoris with its removable suction tip.Sheena said: 'While other little boys were playing cowboys and Indians, he was always interested in being a cop.'I have a picture of him at five-years-old for the kindergarten career day when he dressed in full police outfit and loved everything police related.'The mission began 13-months-ago, after Tyler asked his mother if he could spend his allowance on buying donuts for local police.Sheena said: 'We were in a local community store where there were four police deputies, Tyler told me "You know, cops favourite drink is coffee and food is donuts", I replied "Sure is".'Tyler then asked if he could use his allowance money to big them donuts to say thank you for keeping us and other families safe.'When he took a pack of mini donuts and gave it to them, they were so excited and thankful.'When Tyler left the store, he couldn't understand why they were so grateful, in his eyes he gets snacks all the time so it wasn't a big deal'I explained to him that the officers have a hard time and about the problems at the moment with police and public relations.'I tried to explain that no matter what the group is it can't be 100% perfect and so has some bad in it and that police officers were under attack, with some people wanting to hurt them.'He said, "Ok well I'm going to give every cop in America a donut", and kept saying it over and over.'The one thing we've always taught our kids is the only person stopping you from doing something is yourself, so we knew we had to help him on this mission.'Now they are fundraising to continue his journey, you can donate by visiting:

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