Dating a massage parlor girl

In this article I’ll show you where to get normal massages and extra special ones in Vietnam.The Dai Nam hotel is located in the heart of District 1 in the backpacker area.If you head to Ho Chi Minh, you can also find several here in the backpacker areas, the girls in District 1 will not offer a full sex massage, only handjobs.These massage places caters to foreigners and locals alike.

Massage parlors that caters to men only, also provides additional legitimate service for pampering such as shaving, sauna facilities and you can also order food.Compared to the massage in Thailand, massage in Vietnam is derived from Chinese massage which involved focusing on points to release tension and knots in muscles.On the other hand, Thai massage involves stretching, muscle movement and moving limbs.During my last visit the girls inside weren’t nothing special but I did wonder in around 2pm, so I’m guessing there is more choice around 5-11pm when people finish work.Unlike District one where you can only get handjobs, in District 10 you’ll be able to get full sex, blow jobs and whatever else it is you need.

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