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We now acknowledge this change and, after a unanimous Administrative Council vote (including Saz), we are no longer enforcing bans on greentext, image macros, and many of the other unwritten rules. I am currently going through the ban list and removing the bans made under these rules.

So, after creating the site, we added rules - written and otherwise - that would help us enforce our own culture and keep 4chan shittiness out. Even complete newbies who find us from Google are familiar with the culture 4chan has spread to the Internet at large, and many of the memes they have perpetuated have become common parlance. The project entailed the design of a new primary mark, a custom font, secondary team marks, a new mascot and enhancements to the school’s stadium.7Chan was originally formed as a counter-statement to 4chan. In an effort to boost TCU's social media efforts a template and graphic package system was created to address all of the team’s needs throughout the 2016 season.Game day reminders, award winners/finalists and player of the week designs were among those created.

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