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Only four of the seven Class 11 teams continued to run, and after 24 hours, they were still less than halfway through the Baja 1000.

There was almost no chance they’d finish the race in time, but the teams who had spent months building their stock pre-1982 VW Bugs decided to keep fighting on.

hile covering the Baja 1000 in November of 2014, everyone I spoke with kept mentioning a driver named Eric Solorzano.

One man told the story of a 1,000-mile race in which Solorzano jumped a junkyard fence, fought off an angry dog, grabbed a part he needed from a totaled VW Bug and still finished first.

But once he began his leg, setting off from the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center, taking a hard left at the corner, and then another left before veering off into the dirt gulley that begins the off-road section of the race, Solorzano quickly reminded everyone of his talent.

The company hired two motorcyclists to take its newly released CL72 Scrambler from Tijuana to La Paz to prove the bike’s prowess.

Five years later, a driver broke the Scrambler’s record time in a Buggy, leading to a rush of men trying the route.

In the almond-colored Team Solorzano car, Geovany Alucano and his co-driver Joel Alva Bautista, eyes bright red from dust and lack of sleep and faces caked with white sand, rumbled through the rocky land west of Laguna Chapala, in the undeveloped center of Baja Norte.

Despite hours of fixing flats and digging their car from deep sand, the two drivers from Cabo San Lucas were still first among the Class 11 racecars.

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