Dating male myspace com site uk

You’d be amazed at the photos our Customer Care team have to reject.

If you must include a completely random photo in your album that isn’t of you, or your friends or family, make sure you have a really good reason for including it.

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You might think that a photo of you from when you were younger will get your matches’ interest, but it’s a false economy.You might think you’re showing your matches you know how to have a good time, but in fact you’re showing them how sweaty you can be after too many tequila shots. Using your webcam is a quick and simple way to get a photo of yourself online.But, the photos will undoubtedly be grainy, badly lit and scream ‘I couldn’t be bothered to find a better photo’.Certain social etiquettes apply even online: if you’re going to be making eyes at someone, it should be with the person looking at your picture.Men’s photos are most effective when they look away from the camera and In terms of getting new messages, the My Space shot is the single most effective photo type for women.

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