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Tania, who had been raised outside of London, had been married to him for ten years.They had most recently been living in Egypt but had been forced to flee that country amid the chaos that followed the 2013 ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood–led government.When Tania was around seven years old, her father was laid off and started working odd jobs, but he couldn’t hold on to any of them, sending the family into debt. And she had to have surgery on a bone that was growing oddly, jutting out of her leg.

“If I snuck out with bare arms, Bengali men would say, ‘Don’t you have any shame? Tania never felt close to her father; she described him as verbally abusive. In primary school, she had a mix of middle-class and working-class friends but faced slurs from bullies, who called her “darkie” and “Paki.” She refused to back down, talking right back to them.

“I remember being five years old and wanting to run away,” she said.

One of her fondest childhood memories was a visit to Bangladesh, where she stayed with wealthy relatives in a white-pillared mansion with a cricket field and a pond.

She was growing increasingly disenchanted with his quest.

Standing on a dusty street that August night, Tania, who was five months pregnant, was furious.

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