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Again, you can remove it from the vehicle completely, but I didnt find that it got in the way that much. Disconnect the (4) 13mm bolts that hold the EBCM bracket on, followed by the 18mm bolt that holds both the EBC bracket and the steering rack.

You should be able to jiggle the bracket free and remove it by rotating the top of it toward the center of the car.

Dont tap perpendicular to the wrench; you will only round off the nut.

Once removed, protect the fittings with a cap or some tape to keep them clean and free of nicks. Remove the three 10mm nuts that hold the EBCM (that aluminum brick with all the brake lines going into it just below the alternator) on its mounting bracket.

The easiest way to get some leverage on this thing is the stand on the passenger side of the car and put your breaker bar on from there.

Dont bother trying to break it free using just an 18 breaker bar.

As long as you are careful not to kink the brake lines coming out of it, this saves you some time bleeding brakes. Moving under the car now, disconnect the two 10mm bolts that hold the PS cooler to the cross member and slide the cooler out of your way.

The cross member should not drop so low that the locating pins become completely disengaged. Once the cross member has been dropped equally on all sides, get back under the vehicle and push upward on the steering rack to free it.

Begin pushing it out of the drivers side wheel well.

The vehicle can also be supported on jack stands at the cross member, but you dont want to do that for this operation. Simply slide the starter towards the front of the car where it can rest out of your way.

Now, replace the starter with the flywheel locking tool, Kent Moore part number J-42386-A. ) bolts holding the sway bar to the front cross member and two 18mm nuts holding the sway bar to the lower a-arms. The manual instructs you to use a specific tool to break the tie rod ends free; a block of wood and a few taps with a hammer will do the job. Place a drain pan under the vehicle to catch power steering fluid.

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