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Although never released to the public, those discs received air play since they were licensed to radio stations by Capitol. His cousin, Rhonda Hall, has been in contact with the family most of her life, including Dorothy Cloud, and helped enormously in guiding the author in various directions in an effort to truly reconstruct Korla Pandit's life history, in a way meant to bring the family together, and not supposedly "expose" some so-called life fantasy or mystery.There was a Cocktail Hour records shellac disc entitled Right As The Rain, which was commercially released under the name of Juan Rolando in 1943. Our family is not a tabloid waiting to be exposed, but a far reaching story and rich history that happens to include numerous well-known personalities.Only a few of these shows were recorded via 16 mm film or "kinescope" process. In over 900 episodes (footnote 14), Korla played romantic compositions while gazing alluringly into the camera and, therefore, right into the television sets of millions of homes throughout the . Throughout his career, Korla Pandit continued making recordings and many are still available on cassette, vinyl album and compact disc, especially on the Internet website, e Bay. Additional firsthand information and photos supplied by Mrs. Frances "Frankie" Langford-Johnson and group photo of the Redd family), Ms.His earliest 1950s recordings were with Vita Records. Wyna Faye Elbert (copies of 1930s graduation programmes from Fred Douglass School and original newspaper photo of Ruth Lankford Redd), Mrs. Census, Washington County, Breton Township, Missouri, 1870, 1880 U. Census, Marion County, City of Hannibal, Second Ward, Missouri, 1930The Mountain Democrat and Placerville Times, Placerville, California, April 21, 1960, page 7 (local advertisement "Cress Home Music Center: Korla Pandit In Person")The Des Moines Tribune, August 29, 1974, p.According to the Internet website, Old Time Radio Theme Titles in Radio, (footnote 12) a man by the name of Felix Mills composed the title theme for the 1932 radio serial version. (note: back in the day, married women almost always replaced their middle name with their maiden name, which is why Doshia O'Nina Johnson-Redd is noted as Doshia Johnson Redd.) - June 26, 1925, p. Fortunately, a wealth of personal photos went to high bidders, collectors and dealers Ross Wilson and George Boccanfuso, both of Santa Rosa, California, who made their purchases available for inclusion on the Official Korla Pandit website:

That same year he was among the first music personalities to make 16" radio transcription discs (his first known sound recordings) for Capitol Records' Radio Transcriptions Division. While the research done by this author bears out Korla's maternal slave roots in Washington County, Missouri, and Caucasian, European (English) ancestry, his father's book bears out his paternal slave ancestry from Virginia.

Already a pioneer in television, in August of 1951 Korla joined forces with real estate developer Louis D. - December 15, 1939, page 6: 'Midnight Shadow,' an all-Colored cast, real murder mystery, will be presented four days starting Sunday. Redd and his wife spared no pains to show their appreciation of large crops of workers who had served so faithfully during the past year. When Korla passed, we lost not only a scintillating personality, unique American musician and quintessential Hollywood creation; we also lost a wonderful, inventive, and exquisitely original Human Being."When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me." Erma Bombeck wrote those words, but Korla Pandit could just as easily have spoken them, for certainly, by the end of his life, he had used everything God had given him.

Snader, who entrepreneured what can only be described as the music world's first music videos, which were then called "telescriptions." They were 16 mm film clips featuring everyone who was anyone in music, from Nat King Cole and Peggy Lee, to the Four Aces and Korla Pandit! Ferguson at midnight luncheon and refreshments were served. It is a George Randol production, with Frances Redd.

The March 23, 1951 issue of one of the music Industry's top magazines, Down Beat, carried a Hollywood Beat feature story by columnist Hal Holly, complete with photograph, "Korla Pandit And Organ Attract Femmes To Video." The article describes a visit to the KTLA studio from which Korla was broadcasting his show, and refers to Korla as being known to local musicians as Juan Rolando. According to the article, Korla received 60 per cent of the gross. REDD LIVE WIRE "Y" PASTOR - At First Baptist Church Sunday, April 24, p. He excelled in the business of Show by devising a unique image, along with melodies and harmonics equally intriguing.

The article goes on to list the program, and reports that Korla was called back for three encores. m., he will address the teachers and worker's council of the Antioch District Sunday School Union on "How To Restore the Old Evangelistic Fervor in the New Age." - January 1, 1926, p. Redd - To discover God's will concerning me, and to be submissive to that will; to live an abundant life, being generous and over flowing with love for the Creator and mankind, seeing the good and divine in nature and humanity; to bring sunshine into my life and to scatter it along my path; to find pleasure in works and joy in occupation; forgetting the failures and heartaches of yesterday in the conflicts of today; I may find it in ultimate success; to abase myself that in due time the promised exaltation may come; to trust the Lord and be unalterable in his trust; This Shall be my Creed for the New Year. the guest marching to the strains of sweet music gathered in the newly decorated assembly room where the tables had been tastefully arranged with flowers and ferns for the occasion. Today he is regarded by many as the essential component that determined the birth of Exotica.

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