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She told me some of daughter’s from government official asked him out on a date. Kangin is done with the idol lifestyle he wants out, ki bum will never return to the group as he got into a physical fight with a member.

She also told me that Ki Bum had a huge fight with one of the member (physically) and that’s why Ki Bum will never ever going back to Suju. Eunhae is not real, they love women, Eunhyuk has dated uee from AS and G. Jealousy and attention for the spotlight runs deep within the group.

Here give you the caps for that rumor that originally came from weibo From two source and also with two different info.

The 1st one saying that actually the person is ‘boy’, but the other one said a ‘girl’, really pretty girl.

The fans wouldn’t be demanding him to leave the group if it was just a marriage.

As an international ELF all I can do is just pray for the best both for ELF n Ming also SJ Instiz: Super Junior Sungmin toys with his fans?

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Last night, ELF got shocked with a rumor that Eunhyuk is dating! Some ELF cheer and happy for him, but also there’re some ELF who don’t like it.well I think the best word to describe him is he is UNIQUE.And I got to prove that in the concert…and I think that is what makes him special…He’s crazy with love and he doesn’t care about his fans, this is why they’re criticizing him.The money he’s spending for his marriage is from his fans.

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