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If you select the text frame using the Selection tool and then apply a new font, every character—including that dingbat—gets changed.The only warnings that In Design gives you that some of the text in the selected text frame uses a different font are: the Font field in the Character panel is blank, and the Font submenu (under the Type menu) has hyphens next to each font.

Does that mean, however, that there’s no more room for improvement? Not a chance—In Design offers a number of improvements and surprises in the area of typesetting.

', [FFile Name]), mt Confirmation, mb Yes No Cancel, 0); case Save Resp of id Yes: File Save(Self); id No: ; id Cancel: Abort; end; end; procedure TMain Form.

Down := True; end; finally FUpdating := False; end; end; function TMain Form. Get Font Names; var DC: HDC; begin DC := Get DC(0); Enum Fonts(DC, nil, @Enum Fonts Proc, Pointer(Font Name. Modified then Exit; Save Resp := Message Dlg(Format('Save changes to %s?

Tired of using the Type tool to select and format every photo caption on a page?

Use the Selection tool to select them all and apply your formatting—it’s easier, and it’s quicker (see Figure 4-1).

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