Is kid rock dating anyone

Like a proper Victorian, he would probably like to be known as a "confirmed bachelor" and leave it at that.

But modern people will ask, so a few years ago he "came out", explaining with understated grace that "homosexuality is a way of life that I've grown accustomed to".

From a distance, he looks 17, with a stomach as flat as a board and a full head of black curls.

On closer inspection, he seems a very fit 47, which is still remarkable, given that he's just turned 67.

For years, his publicists and his record company used to beg him to meet the press, but he steadfastly resisted. ' Then people recognise me, and all at once, I'm surrounded."His idea of celebrity hell is the kind of stardom Diana Ross craves.

If I don't look my age now, it's partly because of my dad's genes.

He always looked young."His father was also one of the first people to realise that his son had an incredible voice.

Putting himself all alone in the spotlight has always been difficult."I don't like scrutiny. But things got better when I quit worrying about the critics.

In the early days, I would take the stage and just stand there, closing my eyes while I sang, and clenching my fists. I just decided that I was going to sing and ignore everything else. If you don't like it, that's just the way it has to be'."He is now able to discuss his private feelings with some degree of openness, but he is still painfully self-conscious.

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