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It was the third time bulls from the ranch have taken part in the festival, and the third time one of the ranch's bulls has become separated from the rest of the pack in almost identical circumstances.Sixteen people have been killed at the annual festival, made famous by the 1926 Ernest Hemingway novel 'The Sun Also Rises', since records began in 1910.

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'They are terrified, forced to run through the streets surrounded by jeering revellers, their hooves slipping on the cobbles as they are terrorised for fun.'At the end of their ordeal they will be killed.

He co-authored a 2014 book titled: 'Fiesta: How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona.'Hospital bosses have confirmed a 22-year-old American described as the most seriously injured of the 10 people hurt at today's run was a man filmed being thrown up in the air and then dragged along the ground and trampled by several bulls near Pamplona's town hall.

The 22-year-old American man was hurled into the air and trampled by half-ton bulls on live TV on the second day of Spain's annual Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona.

At this time, Roache officially became the longest-serving actor in a televised soap opera.

Roache was honoured at the 2010 Guinness World Records ceremony for the achievement, when he surpassed actor Don Hastings from the American soap opera As the World Turns, who previously held this title.

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