Nursing home spouses dating

This can be done within the following rules of Medicaid eligibility.

In Massachusetts, Medicaid is administered by the Division of Medical Assistance (the “DMA”).

Medicare only pays for approximately 7 percent of skilled nursing care in the United States. The result is that most people pay out of their own pockets for long-term care until they become eligible for Medicaid While Medi is a form of welfare-or at least that’s how it began.

Another way to look at this is that for every ,370 transferred, an applicant will be ineligible for nursing home Medicaid benefits for one month.

Technically, there is no cap on the period of ineligibility.

THE TRANSFER PENALTY The other major rule of Medicaid eligibility is the penalty for transferring assets.

If an applicant (or his or her spouse) transfers assets, he or she will be ineligible for Medicaid for a period of time beginning on the date of the transfer.

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