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Neil: Fetch, I need an analysis of the recent supreme court ruling on same sex marriage When the conversation starts, Fetch bot has to determine the intent of the user.In this case, it determines that we're doing a legal query based on “supreme court ruling”.Here the bot tells the user that it was able to fulfill the request but that the most relevant result is not necessarily the most analytical.In this example, the cognitive center had access to my profile and knows (based on what I've read and requested from the bot previously) that on this particular topic a liberal view will appeal to me.The cognitive center has processed the request and sends back its recommendation along with a description of its reasoning to the user.This is important because it builds a trust relationship between the bot and the user.

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In this case, take whatever the analytical level is in the current results and dial it up. The cognitive center has determined that there are no more news or commentaries on the subject that have a higher level of analysis.

It begins to break down the query into meaningful parts using natural language processing (NLP). At this point, the bot already knows that it will look for analysis (a kind of format generally found in news) about same sex marriage.

The bot is coming back with an additional clarification question because the initial query specified a legal query but also a news analysis.

The user clarifies that they are looking for news and specifically commentary. The bot has to be able to differentiate between different news formats like: interviews, reviews, commentaries, analysis.

Formats can be combined so you could have an interview that is also an analysis.

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