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Commercial heat treater Bodycote has always been very open about the fact that they like to enter into long term agreements with their customers to take over all of their heat treating requirements. “(Share Cast News) – Bodycote, a provider of heat treatment and specialist thermal processing services, has entered into a long-term agreement to provide Doncasters Group with its hot isostatic pressing and heat treatment requirements in the UK.

As part of the agreement, Bodycote has acquired the thermal processing assets, including hot isostatic presses and vacuum furnaces, at Doncasters’ site in Blaenavon, South Wales and the associated employees have transferred to the group.

They have positively overcome challenges and have successfully met added responsibilities.

As Plant Managers, their expertise will be utilized to focus more on visibility and deeper relationships with existing and prospective customers, while continuing to lead their team to exceed customer’s expectations.

This way, we can test processes individually under real-life conditions and work on solutions tailored to our customers’ needs,” Dr Altena says, satisfied.The test plant is a cast link belt furnace, which is ideally suited for bright annealing, hardening under protective gas atmosphere, carburization or case-hardening, artificial aging as well as tempering.At temperatures of up to 1,100 degrees Celcius, steel components can be treated under any desired composition of protective gas atmosphere.Over the last ten years, he was promoted into a manufacturing foreman position and has been a key player in leading the operations of the plant.Tim brings a great skill set of technical, operations and communication abilities.

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