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He's dating more women than he can remember, and the local toughs he's borrowed money from want it back. Before long, he feuds with the local leaders, quits his post and goes back home to his pregnant wife (Angie Dickinson) in the United States.In a last-ditch effort to get out of debt, Joey struggles to sell a dozen cars in two days -- a task that becomes difficult when the husband (Tim Robbins) of Joey's secretary (Annabella Sciorra) barges into the dealership with a semi-automatic weapon and takes everyone hostage. However, Marcus, who is Jewish himself, soon has a crisis of faith and decides to return to duty to help the untrained Israelis form an army.Adapted from the 1936 novel "Bronco Apache," this groundbreaking Western casts a sympathetic eye on the struggles of Native Americans in the post-bellum West.

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After a bank robbery goes wrong, outlaw Billy Two Hats (Desi Arnaz Jr.) is captured by Sheriff Gifford (Jack Warden).James, however, parries Farnsworth's attempts with ease, robbing and humiliating him.But when James' latest scheme pairs the patsy with the bandit's sweetheart, Cora Lee Collins (Rhonda Fleming), Farnsworth and Cora begin falling in love.Cutting a swath from Oregon through California, these fugitives rob banks in order to finance their scheme for a new -- and somewhat legitimate -- life south of the border.Unfortunately, things get more complicated when they meet Kate Wheeler (Cate Blanchett), who runs into Terry with her car.

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