Validating ntfs

But note that if you check for a name in a non existant directory you will get ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND whether the name is really valid or not.

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) requires key recovery agent certificates, exchange (XCHG) certificates, and keys in order to support key archival.

One, as indicated earlier, is that the validity is a function both of the filename and the path, so the validity of c:\test\☃might differ from the validity of c:\test2\☃

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Alternate data streams on files, for instance, are legal on NTFS volumes, so "snowman.txt:☃" may be valid.Also, regarding permissions, if you don't have permissions, this approach means all filenames are invalid for you, which is still correct!this method has a security flaw: if a file already exists with the submitted name, it is deleted.In other words, for the online testers, you probably need to change each double escape into a singe escape. This is why you might occasionally encounter an error when copying a file with a very long file name to a location that has a longer path than its current location.1 I actually like the simplicity and 100% guaranteed-ness of it.

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