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Even Waitrose has suffered in recent months amidst intense competition in the UK.

It surprised the market with its recent decision to close six unprofitable stores and remove a layer of management from its supermarkets to reduce costs.

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As the focus on Food to Go shifts towards healthier meals and quality ingredients, Waitrose has an opportunity to differentiate and capitalise on its credentials and its shopper demographics.

And by trialling the recipe box service online, the retailer can do so at low risk and with minimal overheads.

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Yet at the same time as part of its Modern Waitrose strategy the company is aiming to grow and differentiate by leveraging the quality associated with its brand, as demonstrated by the recently introduced Waitrose 1 private label line.

Recipe boxes are not new and have been offered online and instore by many retailers now, including Waitrose itself and Tesco in the UK, as well as pureplayer subscription service Hello Fresh.

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