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In any event, you're literally arguing for more of New York's federal tax dollars to go to other states, when we already get less than a dollar back for every dollar that goes out.That's the opposite of "other states subsidizing blue state policies"; that's asking for even more charity for Mississippi, ..No.Despite his opposition, he expects the bill to pass in the House anyway.“I don’t know what the whip count is, but if I had to guess I’d think the bill has enough support to pass the House currently,” he said.“There’s a lot of unity behind this bill,” he added, referring to his fellow Republicans as the current draft has garnered no Democrat support thus far, passing out of the Ways and Means Committee on a 24-16 party-line vote.

Thank you for not insisting that Trump didn't receive NRA contributions this time. For the vast majority of middle class Americans, it is a tax cut.Zeldin said in an interview on Friday regarding the House version of the bill.He pointed out that his objection to eliminating the deductions has been constant since the plan’s first draft, and that the capped deduction in the newest version is not enough to sway his vote. "While I like many aspects of this tax reform plan, too many of my constituents would not see tax relief under this plan as it is currently drafted," Mr. In the Senate, where at least one Republican, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, has confirmed publicly that he will not support the bill in its current form, the legislation's chance of passing is much less certain. Representative Lee Zeldin voted against the House of Representatives tax bill, joining 12 Republicans and all Democrats in opposing the legislation which passed on Thursday afternoon 227-205.

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